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KDVS radio, USA

Top 5 albums

november 2020

RAI Radio 1, Italy


Max De Tomassi, november 2020

Audio podcast here - in italian



« A sophisticad selection of Brazilian music classics, with acoustic guitar and vocals.

An ambitious work, rich of talent and full of art »

Max De Tomassi



Radio France International - RFI Brasil

"RFI convida Sambuca"

Silvano Mendes, october 2020

Audio podcast and article here - in portoguese



La Chaîne Guitare















Radio Echos des Choucas

"Terre de Musiques"

30/10/2020, interview podcast here

Radio Libertaire

"Folk à lier"

21/10/2020, interview podcast here

Radio Alpha

"Passage à niveau"

18/10/2020, interview podcast here

Radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle

"Décalage horaire"

18/10/2020, interview podcast here

"Irene Amata is sharing with us her influences, the way Sambuca is creating and how both musicians improvise in a playful mood of mutual appreciation,

creating a new way of listening to Brazilian music"

Radio RGB

"Un ziste et un zeste de jazz"

08/10/2020, interview podcast here

Radio Aligre FM


04/10/2020, interview podcast here

KDVS Novembre 2020 SAmbuca.png
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