Marc Baudin, April 2020

'Le Canard Folk' - Belgium

" It's a very nice album!"

Fred Delforge, 5 April 2020

'Zicazic' - France

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"an immense talent."

"An artwork of impeccable beauty, the essential album that every World music and Brazilian music fan should put in a good spot of his personal discs collection."

Nadia Khouri-Dagher, May 2020

'Muzzika - Mediterranée'

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" A wonderful album! "

"Everything is perfect: the warm voice of Irene and the clear and rich guitar of Roberto (every guitarist knows how complex Brazilian music is to play, and getting to this clarity is pure art!)"

Charlie Long, May 2020

'Songlines' - England

« what you have in Luz  is a calm and subtle collection of songs with beautiful clear vocals and highly accomplished guitar accompaniment. »

Gabor Kleinbloesem, August 2020

'StrutturZine' - The Netherlands

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Points: 8.2 out of 10

« a very interesting act and quite unique actually.»

« this CD will already give you a lot of pleasure and excitement »

'Elektrik Bamboo' - France, September 2020

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«The talent of the duo is an evidence, as instrumentally (with the virtuosity of Roberto playing the 7 strings guitar) as well as vocally, with the Irene singing»

Didier Delarue, October 2020

'Que Tal Paris?' - France

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«Interpretations of a crazy rightness that, from the chiselled syncopes of Roberto Stimoli to the bright harmonies of Irene Amata, border on perfection.»

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