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Roberto Stimoli                                            Irene Amata


is Roberto Stimoli (7-string guitar) and Irene Amata (vocals).

The duet plays Brazilian music, and is very active on the Parisian jazz/world music scene. One voice and one seven-string guitar to reinvent the rhythms of the samba: it is the ambitious goal that Roberto and Irene share, united in their passion for this music from a faraway land, that is nonetheless a part of them. In their repertoire, you will find several bossa novas that have been performed by the greatest artists: thus Sambuca chooses to reinterpret them with a fresh, yet authentic sound.

The Portuguese language is truly a part of these melodies, and it is Sambuca’s deliberate choice to use the original lyrics, so as to highlight their importance in the rhythm and feel of the music.

It isn’t necessary to understand the meaning of the words: it is the sweet yet powerful sound that catches the ear, captures the attention and opens the senses.

One voice and one guitar: yet there is nothing missing. The seven-string guitar carries the bass-line, and the voice is full of rhythm. Both musicians improvise in a playful mood of mutual appreciation. One voice and one guitar fill the space, capturing the audience’s attention. Creating a new way of listening to Brazilian music is Sambuca’s challenge and passion.




Roberto and Irene have performed with Luis Zé Nascimento, Julio Gonçalves, Wander Pio, Laurent de Oliveira, Acelino da Paula, Pablo Schinke and Roland Seilhes


Sambuca has performed in the following venues:

Studio de l'Ermitage, Paris


Festival Jazz Sur Seine, Paris

Festival Musique Dans La Rue, Aix-En-Provence

Festival de Musique à Groix


Festival de Bossa Nova de Thiais


La Bellevilloise, Paris


38Riv Jazz Club, Paris


Théâtre Aleph, Ivry-Sur-Seine 


Péniche Anako, Paris


Le Marcounet, Paris


Théâtre Comedie Nation Apèro Festival, Paris

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